Theirs is the sound of sunny (but sneaky-smart) California pop-rock that often eschews traditional song structures while sacrificing nothing in melody.
— http://buzzbands.la/2019/07/17/premiere-rackets-ooh-aah/

RACKETS is a Pop Rock Trio from Topanga, California by Harrison Kipner, Dane Sandborg and Aaron Westine. It began as Harrison Kipner’s solo project, but in late 2018 when he casually put a band together to perform his songs, he met up with Dane and Aaron and it took on a whole new direction. Dane and Harrison met in elementary school. Dane recalls Harrison encouraging him to take up playing the saxophone after being inspired by a jazz band at assembly. Aaron and Dane went to high school together and used to play in garages together until the fuses blew. They all kept in touch but had their own projects until late last year. Harrison had an entire set and album that he wanted to rehearse with a band for upcoming shows. Dane and Aaron agreed to help out because they love to play, and they loved the music. But the magic that started happening in the hour of experimenting before the actual practice was what became RACKETS. After a few exciting practices and a show at the Del Monte Speakeasy, they knew that they had something special. They wrote, recorded and finished a brand new debut album, “Red Flag Days”, by may of 2019 and “Ooh Aah” is the first single. 

Together they have had extensive touring and recording experience including a world tour opening for Rick Astley, culminating at Carfest in England for 35,000 people, an American tour supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers, live performances with Matt Berninger of The National, Blake Mills, and more. Their studio and writing credits include a UK Billboard #2 hit for Nelly, “Hey Porsche”, projects featuring Jeremy Gara, Will Butler, and Colin Stetson of Arcade Fire, and The Goo Goo Dolls. RACKETS is pure energy and aims to bring that everywhere they go. 

Their hope for this album is to unite them as a band and start laying a foundation of energetic and infectious live shows to build on in the future. It was mostly recorded in three days at Apogee studios in Santa Monica, aiming to capture the new magic they are feeling playing with each other.